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Floor gullies

Floor gullies

With over 60 different variants of floor drains, we have a complete range of floor drains for all types of indoor projects. We claim that we can cater to every need. Common to all our models is that they provide a secure connection to various waterproofing layers and floor materials, and they are easy to clean and have high flow capacity.

We have floor drains in plastic, cast iron, and stainless steel. With different outlet sizes and outlet directions, high, low, with or without traps, for concrete and wooden floors, with automatic or screwed clamping…

We also provide a wide range of accessories and spare parts, such as installation accessories, traps, filters, tile frames, and extension rings, among others.

With our Saga and Tor models, you can even adjust the drain’s height and tilt after installation, ensuring a correct and safe installation. It’s nice to avoid having to bring out the drill hammer to correct a minor mistake or if someone accidentally bumpt into the drain during installation.

We have a complete range of floor drains. What they all have in common is secure connection, easy cleaning, and high capacity.

Purus Joti Rustfritt Gulvsluk Bigg Ø75

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We have floor drains for all projects in plastic, stainless steel, and cast iron.