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Purus is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of products for bathrooms, kitchens and other environments. The main product areas are floor gullies and channels, indoor waste systems, stainless steel interiors and stainless steel sanitaryware. Purus’ leading position in the Nordic market is a result of product reliability, innovation and the best customer support.

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The route to success

Purus’ most known product group, and the products which we associate most with our brand, are our floor gullies. These have become a household item throughout Purus’ history and today they are present in all kinds of homes.

The story of Purus’ floor gullies begins in 1945 at Sjöbo Bruk with the acquisition of Sjöbo foundry, which initially manufactured plumbing fittings.

Ten years later, CEO Bengt Spånberg started a collaboration with the building contractor Harry Karlsson. Harry spent time in the USA and there learnt the latest developments from the floor drain industry. He named his idea ‘Purus’ (Latin for ‘pure’).

Today, 75 years later, Purus is a market leader in Sweden for manufacturing floor gullies. Every week thousands of floor gullies and accessories leave our factories in Ystad and Smålandsstenar, making us the largest manufacturer of floor gullies in Scandinavia. It is something we are proud of, and we continue to take our legacy of innovation, function, and design into the future.


Sjöbo bruk, birthplace for Purus floor drains

Sjöbo Bruk – the place where Purus floor gullies were born and began their breakthrough.

A continuing story


The entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation have been passed down from generation to generation and today the twelfth generation of the Spånberg family is active in the group.

With local manufacturing and Swedish craftmanship, we can offer a wide range of products with competitive prices and short transportation times. Crucially, we own our factories which puts us in control of both quality and environmental issues.


In 1973, this is how the business looked at Sjöbo Bruk.

A film by Kit Colfach on behalf of Bengt and Karin Spånberg.