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Product areas

Floor drains & Designed floor gullies

For several decades, Purus has been the market leader in Scandinavia for traditional floor drains. Our floor gullies and channels are made of plastic, stainless steel and cast iron and are best known for their safety, functionality, and innovative design.

Bathrooms today are expected to deliver the best solutions, both technically and aesthetically. This is one reason to choose Purus’ designed floor gullies. Their technology, quality and functionality are as reliable as they are in our traditional floor gullies, but with smart designs which give more possibilities for personal style to match other interior details.

Purus floor gullies can be fitted in the middle of the shower’s floor area, in the corner or against the wall. Our designed floor gullies give even more unique design possibilities. Choose our Premium or Tile Insert solutions if you are looking for a discreet and flexible floor drain with a recessed tiled plate instead of a visible grate.


Our product range includes drainage channels and floor gullies in the highest quality stainless steel. Our Swedish manufactured floor channels and floor drains are designed to fulfil requirements and regulations for their respective areas of use. We also produce bespoke products to meet specific requirements such as dimensions, materials and load class.

So that we can offer the fastest delivery times, we stock a standard range of channels in various widths together with floor gullies in different sizes for commercial kitchens and industrial environments. Both drainage channels and floor gullies are available for different types of floor finishes.

We also manufacture accessories including grates, plaster separators and water traps. All stainless steel channels and gullies are produced at our factory in Smålandsstenar.


We have a complete range of high quality products for installing in environments such as toilets, bathrooms, wetrooms and kitchens. These are manufactured in plastic or rubber with a focus on functionality, quality and safety.

Our Indoor Waste Systems and installation range includes water traps for various applications, pipes, fittings, rubber nipples, rubber couplings, toilet connectors and air admittance valves.


Our high quality stainless steel sanitaryware products are robust, vandal-proof and durable. Stainless steel is an easy to clean material and is therefore ideal for environments with high requirements of functionality, hygiene and durability.

More than 40 years of experience in development and manufacturing, of both standard and bespoke solutions in stainless steel, have made Purus a leading supplier in this sector. Our sanitaryware products offer a complete solution with classic design and optimal hygiene for both private homes and public buildings.


A bespoke stainless steel kitchen worktop is the ideal solution for a wide range of kitchens: professional as well as private. Stainless steel is a more popular material than ever and fits into all different kinds of homes and styles.

The material has many advantages and creates a timeless and stylish design which is functional and durable. Additionally, our stainless steel worktops are easy to clean, making them perfect for areas with high hygiene requirements.

We are proud specialists in the stainless steel interiors sector thanks to our long history of craftsmanship and manufacturing.

All of our kitchen worktops are handmade in Swedish stainless steel at our factory in Smålandsstenar. The surfaces are sanded and brushed matt, giving a finish that is more forgiving of scratches. Small scratches occur naturally during wear and will even out over time to a fine patina.